In a world that is shifting to environmental friendly technologies and fuels to generate energy, Olivewood Ltd. stands out as the one producing biomass fuel with the smallest contribution on Global Warming.

Biomass fuel includes every organic material that contains energy and can be utilized for that purpose. Olivewood Ltd. focuses on utilizing waste originating from agriculture activity and the food industry. This waste is used to generate energy for electricity production, home heating and cooking as well as land remediation.

Innovation, simplicity, highly efficient products and environmental sustainability drive Olivewood’s research, development and code of conduct. Olivewood Ltd. recycles waste containing high energy value such as olive and grape pomace (residues of the olive oil and wine industries) that would otherwise inflict severe damage to the environment.

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Biomass is the second to fossil fuels (oil and coal) used to generate energy. It has a variety of uses from electricity power plants to heating public and homes and cooking. By replacing fossil fuels as an energy source, biomass provides a carbon neutral energy source with a smaller impact on Global Warming than fossil fuels. Furthermore, it competes with illegal element of timber industry for home heating and for the production of charcoal. Were this waste to be left untreated or turned into compost, it would emit gases that contribute to Global Warming, methane being the aggressive and most significant. By burning the material almost only carbon dioxide is emitted, significantly reducing the amount of methane.

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