Olivewood Ltd.

Olivewood is a biomass fuel company focusing on development of energy products from high grade biomass. It processes olive pomace, grape pomace and a variety of types of wood and grass. It uses only organic materials in its production process, originating from agriculture waste and residues from the food production industry. It utilizes a meager amount of energy achieving minimal carbon footprint in its products and in its production process.

Olivewood’s products do not only contribute to reducing Global Warming as an energy source, they significantly reduce emission of Methane and other greenhouse gases that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere if the material was left to rot or diverted to composting. Methane is a Greenhouse Gas 25 stronger than Carbon Dioxide, making this Olivwood’s greatest contribution to the reduction of Global Warming.

Olivewood carbonizes biomass to produce cooking charcoal and biochar for land remediation. Emission gases from the biomass are used as the energy source for carbonizing biomass to what is in the case of cooking charcoal, a less environmental and health harmful configuration of carbon. In the case of biochar, carbon is not only sequestered for centuries once it is buried in the soil, it enhances land productivity and increases agriculture yield.

Olivewood is unique in its small carbon and environmental footprints: It reduces carbon emissions from transportation by managing several sites close to the origin of its raw material and its customers, it uses very little energy in its production process (about 15kvh per ton, it uses the sun to dry its products and has developed a method of passive drying which requires a very small area.

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