Management Team


Mr. Avi Lorber

The founder of the company, responsible for development of Olivewood products. Mr. Lorber is an exceptional entrepreneur, practically an artist, constantly examining possibilities for sustainable use of biomass originating from agriculture and food waste. In his spare time Avi is a fervent baker.





Mr. Aharon Erez

As the owner and CEO of Olivewood, Ahron oversees all activities of the company, including production, marketing and sales as well as finance and general management. Ahron also owns a company that provides economic consultation to large organizations. In his spare time Ahron runs marathons.




Mr. Raanan Boral

Mr. Boral has worked in the Ministry of Environment and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel for the past 25 years. He has joined the company recently to evelop the strategic global scope of the company with the aim to expand the company’s range of materials, products and markets. In his spare time Raanan does sea kayaking.

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