Our Products

Olivewood’s products are made out of recycled waste from agriculture and the food industry.


Stacks of Drying Pomace

Olivewood Bulk  Pomace

Olivewood’s bulk pomace  is used by industrial plants as a source of energy on a large scale. It is dried in the sun, using almost no fossil energy, to a level specified by the leading electricity power plants. To reduce carbon emissions in the production process, Olivewood operates in several sites, reducing road travel of trucks carrying material from the olive mills to Olivewood’s plant, and from our plant to client.

The use of olive residue for energy generation contributes to reduction of greenhouse gases as fundamentally it is a form of biomass with carbon neutral characteristics (as the carbon emitted when burning biomass originated from the atmosphere during the plant’s growth). As stated earlier, Olivewood emphasizes in its production process the lowest carbon emissions possible, thus ensuring that deviations from carbon neutrality will be as small as possible.


Olivewood Heatlogs

Olivewood Heatlogs

Olivewood Heating Logs

Olivewood’s prime development that is ever improving as experience is growing with the product in the market for several years. Olivewood’s logs provide a cleaner and a more effective means of heating source for wood stoves. They contain more energy (calorific value) than wood, burn longer than a regular wood log and provide a cleaner environment around the stove. The log burns very efficiently emitting non visible smoke, as the material is very dry.

The pomace is mixed with additional organic matter that improve the burning performance of the pressed log. Drying the pressed logs is done under the sun. Drying material under the sun requires a large area, yet Olivewood simple technology enables to dry a ton and a half of material on an area of only one square meter.

Olivewood is now developing the smokeless heating logs in which charred biomass is mixed with regular biomass to product a log that contains much more energy and emits much less smoke in the form of VOCs and particulate matter.


Olivewood Green Charcoals

Olivewood Green Charcoals

Olivewood “Green” Charcoals

Olivewood’s latest and most unique development are charcoals from olive pomace and pits. Olivewood is a pioneer in carbonizing biomass and has developed its own system in a continuous process, using the energy released from the raw material to feed  the process. Thus the production process requires only a small amount of energy at the beginning of the process and uses the energy emitted during the carbonization process to complete the process.

Carbonization is the process in which most of the material apart from carbon is “squeezed out” mechanically using high temperature and with almost no oxygen. The result is an energy product that is easily stored, not influenced by water and pests, until required for cooking. The process contributes to reduction of greenhouse gases via methane avoidance (provided emissions from the process are not released to the atmosphere as Olivewood process ensures). Olivewood’s charcoals light easily provide perpetual and steady heat for grilling and cooking.


Olivewood Biochar

Olivewood Biochar

Olivewood biochar

Biochar is a soil remediation factor that is buried in depleted soils in a simple mechanical method, enhances the fertility and productivity of such soils. It also increases the agriculture yield by a very significant factor. Olivewood believes that biochar may very well constitute the next agriculture revolution, enabling the use of soils that are no longer appropriate for farming. Olivewood is therefore investing a lot in research and development of different types of biochar originating from different sources of biomass.

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